What is Domain Authority?

There are countless websites, some are better than the others while some are still struggling. The question is that how do we get to know that which website is doing well, having a visibly solid reputation. Now you must be thinking that there must be some sort of criteria for judging that and you are certainly right. Domain Authority or DA is that statistical measure which is used to find out the reputation of a particular website which is provided by SEOmoz or better known as Moz. It is a statistical number from 0 – 100 which was developed by Moz in order to determine how does a domain rank in results of Google search engine. However, it is not the same thing as that of page authority. The difference between page authority and domain authority is rather significant as page authority is the ranking potential of a single web page whereas domain authority tells us about the overall ranking potential of the entire domain or subdomains.

Domain Authority vs. Page Authority

The first step towards finding out how to increase domain authority is to properly understand the difference between page authority and domain authority for which you will be needing a quality domain authority checker. Domain authority gives you the score for your whole domain while page authority will only give you the score for your web page. Unlike DA, page authority allows to figure out the predictive ranking strength of a single web page rather than the whole domain.

Trust Flow vs. Domain Authority

If you are on this page then you must be looking for a way to find out how strong is your website’s presence in search engine results. In search engine optimization or SEO the need often arises to know the strength or authority of a website. As you now know that DA is the statistical measure that can tell you about the authority of your website. However, there is another very important metric that can be useful to know how strong a website is. Trust Flow or TF from Majestic and DA from Moz are two different metrics that can serve this purpose.

Both these measures help SEO professional greatly to determine the strength or authority of a website. Now you must be thinking do they tell us about the same thing, aren’t you? Let’s find out. There has been a lot of hype about trust flow lately all over the SEO community, however there’s a difference a between trust flow and DA. Unlike DA which tells about the authority of a domain in search engine, trust flow is a number that helps predicting how trustworthy is a web page based on how trustworthy websites tend to link to the trustworthy neighbors.


How to increase domain permissions?

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